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      Ukraine 58002 Chernivtsi,
               Tsentralna Ploscha, 7
      58000 Chernivtsi, Golovna, 91,
         tel.(0372) 51-11-58, 3-20-10
          tel/fax 51-11-58


        The Chernivtsi Trade Economics Institute of the Kyiv National Trade Economics University is located in green Bukovyna, in the foot-hills of the scenic Carpathians, in the hospitable city of Chernivtsi.

        ChTEI KNTEU, founded in 1966, is a state higher education institution of the highest (fourth) accreditation level.

        The Institute is a scientific and educational center of the Western region of Ukraine for the preparation of bachelors, specialists, and masters in the area of domestic and foreign trade, restaurant business, state finance, antimonopoly policy, enterprise economy, banking, international economics, taxation, accounting and audit, tourism, hospitality, management, marketing, economic cybernetics, commerce and other links of the national economy infrastructure.

        The institute has three faculties and ten departments.

        According to the edict by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine the Institute is involved in the pedagogical experiment in teaching under the credit and module system, which is an obligatory condition for becoming a member of the Bologna process.
        Parallel to the preparation of modern and competitive professionals the institute director creates the necessary environment for student vacation, development of their creative abilities and sports achievements.